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These books will treat the reader with a unique story about the spirit and magic of the great west. You will also be treated to some of the most beautiful photos ever taken of this great state. So browse the books below, and when you find one you like, simply click the order button and fill out the form. We'll contact you with order details and shipping dates.

Adventure Tales of Montana's Last Frontier

Adventure Tales of Montana's Last Frontier

The Wild West's last stand took place in Montana's Milk River Country, the wind-swept "Hi-Line" along the Canadian border. In Adventures Tales of Monatna's Last Frontier, Montana historian Gary Wilson vividly chronicles the area's panoramic past that featured fur traders, Native Americans, soldiers, pioneering women, itinerant preachers, cattle barons, and outlaws. 

$14.95 Paperback, 224 pgs.

Bears I Have Known

Bears Known

By Bob Murphy
In this very entertaining book, retired National Park Service ranger Bob Murphy recounts his most memorable experiences with bears in Yellowstone and Glacier national parks.

$12.95 Paperback, 112 pgs.

Blackfeet Indian Stories

Blackfeet Indian Stories

By George Bird Grinnell
Great stories of the Blackfeet, including the stories of Cold Maker and Thunder, the hero Kut-o-yis', who got rid of the bad things, & the entertaining Na'pi (old Man) stories of mischief and trickery.

$14.95 Paperback, 144 pgs.

Blackfeet Tales of Glacier Park

Blackfeet Glacier

By James Willard Schultz
In 1877 Schultz went to Montana to buffalo hunt. He stayed and joining the Blackfeet tribe. These great legends of the Blackfeet will leave you wanting more.

$19.95 Paperback, 240 pgs.

Blue Lines - A Fishing Life


By Tom Reed
Blue Lines is about fishing small streams in the Rocky Mountain West. It follows one man's life from Colorado childhood streams to Montana high country creeks. Blue Lines is filled with supurbly told fishing stories, and it shows us fishing as a healer, fishing as common ground between adversaries, and fishing as a way to escape the travails of the mundane.

$12.95 Paperback, 173 pages

Butte Trivia

Butte Trivia

By George Everett
Butte is a treasure trove of terrific trivia – and this book mines her richest veins of astounding facts and figures. It's fun & entertaining!

$9.95 Paperback, 124 pgs.

Cooking Backyard to Backcountry

Cooking Backcountry

By John Rittel & Lori Rittel
A unique approach to memorable outdoor cooking, 150 mouth-watering recipes “field-tested” in backyards and backcountry camps.

$24.95 Paperback, 192 pgs.

Copper Camp The Lusty Story of Butte, Montana

A Writer's Project
Copper Camp is a Montana classic. First published in 1943 and long out of print, Copper Camp is available again, bigger and better than ever with 25 new historical photos chosen specifically for this edition.
Copper Camp contains hundreds of brawling, bawdy, over-the-top, laugh-out-loud stories about Butte during the height of the copper mining in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

$19.95 Paperback, 336 pgs.

Crown of the Continent

Crown Continent

By Ralph Waldt
A personal portrait of the Crown's landscapes and seasons. In stunning photos and words, it explains why this great wild land is so unique & why it must be protected for the future.

$24.95 paperback, 167 pages

Discover the Rocky Mountain Front

By Tom Kotynski
First published in 2006 and out-of-print for years, this revised, 200 page edition features 32 new and updated hikes plus detailed trip-planning information for exploring the Front by road as well as trail. Written by former Great Falls Tribune editor and educator Tom Kotynski, who has been hiking in and writing about the Front for 40 years, this is absolutely the best guidebook for one of Montana’s iconic landscapes. It includes: 34 maps, 130 photos, hikes rated from Easy to Strenous, Recommendations for more thatn 30 peak climbs, campgrounds and local lodging.

$16.95 Paperback, 200 pages

Dream Chasers of the West

Dream Chasers

By B. L. Wettstein
In 1913, unmarried and alone at the age of thirty, Clara left Minnesota and headed to Montana to file a homestead claim on free land. It was a time when neighbors helped each other to survive, and when “men were tough, but the women were tougher.”

$14.95 Paperback

Epsilon: A Yellowstone Wolf Story

By Ted Rechlin
Epsilon is a wolf in Yellowstone National Park. He was born there. When he was only a yearling, Epsilon lost his parents in a fight between rival wolf packs. Epsilon, his brother, and his sister escaped, but they had to survive on their own. They learned how to hunt. They grew up. They formed a strong new pack of wolves, and Epsilon became its leader. Beautifully illustrated, Epsilon is an entertaining and educational story about wolves in Yellowstone National Park.

$9.95 Paperback, 48 pgs.

Floating on the Missouri: 100 Years After Lewis & Clark

Floating Missouri

By James Willard Schultz
An extraordinary book for travelers and historians alike.

$19.95 paperback, 152 pages

Give Me Mountains for my Horses

Give Mountains

By Tom Reed
Tom Reed has a real affinity for horses and wilderness, and it shows on every page in his true tales about trail riding, horse packing, and great mountain horses.

$14.95 Paperback, 120 pages

Glacier Album Historic Photographs of Glacier National Park

By Michael J. Ober
This book is a wonderful collection of images and stories that tell of the early years of Glacier National Park, from the park's creation in 1910 to the post-war boom in automobile travel. The striking black and white photographs show many of the people and places that helped make Glacier the "Crown of the Continent".


Glacier Ghost Stories:

Glacier Ghost Stories

Spooky Tales & Legends from Glacier National Park
by Karen Stevens
Renowned worldwide for its magnificent peaks and pristine wilderness, Glacier National Park is also rich in legend, lore, and tales of strange encounters. Some of the stories are chilling, others poignant. A few may even make you chuckle. 

$9.95 Paperback, 104 pgs.

Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzlies

By Gus Chambers, Montana PBS
Since the opening of Glacier National Park in 1910 there never had been a reported fatal bear attack until one summer night in 1967, when grizzlies, in 2 remote areas of the Park, attacked campers and killed 2 young women. The dramatic and tragic story of that night, and how it influenced the fate of the grizzly.

$19.95 DVD, Length 90 Min.

Great Montana Bear Stories

Great Bear Stories

By Ben Long
The newest collection of bear stories, from close calls to humorous escapades to well told stories of how to hike, camp, and live safely in Montana’s bear country.

$12.95 paperback, 192 pages

Haunted Montana

Haunted Montana

By Karen Stevens
Montana librarian Karen Stevens is a certified ghost hunter and she's found all kinds of ghosts in the Treasure State.

$12.95 Paperback, 255 pgs.

Hiking with Grizzlies: Lessons Learned

Hiking with Grizzlies

By Tim Rubbert
Unlike other books about hiking in grizzly country, this book uses photographs of Rubbert’s actual bear encounters to dramatically illustrate how to react safely.

$10.95 paperback, 144 pages

Horses They Rode

Horses They Rode

By Sid Gustafson
A dramatic novel of love, family, and changing cultures along Montana’s rugged Rocky Mountain Front.

$24.95 hard cover, 288 pages

How It Looks Going Back

How it Looks

By Doris Knowles Pulis
This delightful memoir tells of a girl growing up in the Yaak Valley. It's a delightful account of quirky neighbors, growing girls’ adventures, wildlife huge and tiny, and especially one loving family.

$12.00 Paperback, 264 pgs.

Land of Nakoda

Land of Nakoda

By James L. Long
A vivid account of the history, legends, customs, crafts, and ceremonies of the Assiniboine. Written and illustrated by tribal members.

$19.95 Paperback, 240 pages

Lona Hanson

Lona Hanson

By Thomas Savage With an intro by O. Alan Weltzien
In ranchwoman Lona Hanson, Savage creates an extraordinary character: passionate, driven, domineering, and ultimately tragic. Originally published in 1948.

$14.95 paperback, 306 pages

Montana 1864: Indians, Emigrants and Gold in the Territorial Year

By Ken Egan
In Montana 1864, writer and scholar Ken Egan Jr. captures this momentous year with a tapestry of riveting stories about Indians, traders, gold miners, trail blazers, fortune-seekers, settlers, vigilantes and outlaws - the characters who changed Montana and those who resisted the change with words and war.

$19.95 Paperback, 248 pages

Montana Ghost Stories

MT Ghost Stories

By Debra D. Munn
This collection of stories span the state wherever ghosts ramble and roam. The subjects are star-crossed lovers, murderers and the murdered, miners and cowboys, and Native Americans

$12.95 Paperback, 175 pages

Montana Is...

Montana Is

By Mike Logan
Mike Logan’s photography showcases the majesty of Montana, high, wide, and wonderful!

$11.95 paperback, 96 pages

Montana State Parks: Complete Guide & Travel Companion

By Erin Madison & Kristen Inbody
From the captivting sandstone formations of Medicine Rocks State Park near Ekalaka to the forest playground of Thompson Falls State Park and all state parks between, a new guidebook sets the stage for adventure across Montana.

$19.95 Paperback, 192 pgs.

Montana Trivia

MT Trivia

By Janet Spencer
This fun-filled, fact-filled trivial extravaganza will keep you laughing, keep you learning, and keep you guessing.

$9.95 Paperback, 160 pgs.

Montana UFOs & Extraterrestrials


By Joan Bird
Drawing on recently declassified government documents, historic reports, and first-hand interviews, Ph.D. zoologist and author Joan Bird presents compelling evidence that UFOs are real, have frequented Montana’s Big Sky, and have landed in the state.

$14.95 Paperback, 232 pages

Montana Waterfalls

MT Waterfalls

By Larry & Johnson
Find more than 50 spectacular waterfalls in Montana. From thundering drops to vibrant cascades, each waterfall is clearly described with photos, maps, directions, and helpful information on nearby camping, hiking, geology, and history.

$24.95 paperback, 208 pages

More Haunted Montana

More MT Haunted Stories

By Karen Stevens
Want to bowl with the ghosts at a bowling alley in Anaconda? Explore a spooky mine near Helena? Have you ever slept with a ghost? You’ll find 34 spooky stories from the historic Bitterroot Valley to the starkly beautiful prairies of the east.

$12.95 Paperback, 240 pgs.

On Sarpy Creek

By Ira S. Nelson, Co-Published with Bedrock Editions
"On Sarpy Creek" is a deeply moving family saga about a small Montana farming community in the decade after World War I. Many readers consider it a small masterpiece, yet this book was 'lost' for decades before being recently republished. The simple, unadorned style and strong story make "On Sarpy Creek" a true page-turner about life and love.

$16.95 Paperback, 320 pgs.

Peakbagging Montana: A Guide to Montana's Major Peaks

Peak Bagging

By Cedron Jones
This book is for hikers who want to know more about mountain climbing or peakbagging. Includes detailed directions to bagging more than 50 of Montana's major peaks with routes ranging from easy trails to bushwhacking and scrambling.

$14.95 Paperback, 80 pages

Place Names of Glacier National Park

Place Names of Glacier Park

By Jack Holterman
Unique stories behind 663 geographic names in Glacier National Park, Montana, and Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta.

$12.95 Paperback, 240 pages

Rough Trip through Yellowstone: The Epic Winter Expedition of Emerson Hough, F. Jay Haynes, & Billy Hofer

Edited with an Introduction by Scott Herring, University of California
In the winter of 1894, the magazine Forest and Streams sent one of its most talented writers, Emerson Hough, to Yellowstone National Park to document the decline in bison. Hugh's articles are imensely entertaining.

$14.95 Paperback, Series of 14 articles

Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles

Sherlock Holmes

By John S. Fitzpatrick
For the first time, here are the long-lost records of four intriguing mysteries solved by the famous English detective Sherlock Holmes when he traveled to Montana in the late 1800s.

$12.95 Paperback, 240 pages

Silvertip: A Year in the Life of a Yellowstone Grizzly


By Ted Rechlin
“Silvertip” is a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park. This book shows you how he lives through a year in Yellowstone National Park. You’ll learn about what he eats, where he goes, and how he gets along with wolves, other bears, and even park visitors like you.

$9.95 paperback, 48 pages

Some Like it Hot!

Some Like it Hot

By Susan Neider
A beautiful visual portrait of Yellowstone National Park's best and most favorite thermal features. A stunning portfolio of photographs.

$22.95 Paperback, 128 pgs.

The Bottom of the Sky

Bottom Sky

By William C. Pack
An aching rags-to-riches novel that surges from the fringes of a Montana coal and cattle town into the powerful chamber of Wall Street and Silicon Valley

$24.95 Hard Cover, 480 pgs.

The Casebook of Sheriff Pete Benson


By John S. Fitzpatrick
Pete Benson was a big-city police detective. His job was intense, dangerous, and 24/7. He loved it. But he also had a loving wife and two young children he hardly saw. So he made a choice. Now Sheriff Pete Benson patrols Rhyolite County, Montana. Of course, even in paradise trouble sometimes comes calling.

$12.95 Paperback, 232 pgs.

The Montana Medicine Show's Genuine Montana History

By B. Derek Strahn
This book is a collection of episodes from the popular radio program, Montana Medicine Show by Derek Strahn, that originates at KGLT studios on the campus of Montana State University – Bozeman. The lively style is fun to read and the 117 stories are packed with colorful quotations and vivid first-hand accounts.

$15.95 Paperback, 264 pages

The Pass

The Pass

By Thomas Savage
Set near Savage’s hometown of Dillon around 1910 when the area is newly settled. New rancher Jess Bentley struggles against the elements, against fate, and against all odds to run a successful outfit that will be suitable for his beloved new bride, Beth, and the baby the doctor warned them they would never see.

$19.95 Paperback, 144 pages

The Sun God's Children: The history, culture, and legends of the Blackfeet Indians

Sun God

By James Willard Schultz
Fur trader, hunting guide, and later, acclaimed chronicler of Native American culture, James Willard Schultz lived with the Blackfeet for many years from the 1870s to the 1930s. The Sun God’s Children describes the Blackfeet as they lived before the coming of the fur traders and their customs, traditions, and religious beliefs, as told to Schultz by the Blackfeet themselves.

$19.95 Paperback, 260 pgs.

The Whole Country was...'One Robe': The Little Shell Tribe's America

By the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of MT & Drumlummon Institute
“The Whole Country was . . . ‘One Robe,’” by historian and folklorist Nicholas Vrooman, is an extraordinary account of an extraordinary people. Dr. Vrooman, after a lifetime of engagement with the history of a burgeoning and distinctive aboriginal amalgam culture on the Northern Plains, gives us the untold story of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana.

$39.95 Paperback, 504 pgs.

Three Ringlings in Montana

Circus Trains to Cattle Ranches
by Lee Rostad
The story of America’s circus dynasty in Montana. One of the five Ringling Brothers, John Ringling came to Montana in 1903 looking for investments. He ended up building a railroad and launching a ranching company. The Ringling family made their mark in Montana in many ways. Many family photographs are included in this engrossing book.

$15.95 Paperback, 159 pgs.

What I Saw in Yellowstone

What I Saw in Yellowstone

A Kid'sGuide to Wonderland
Text by Durrae Johanek, Photos by Christopher Cauble
What I Saw in Yellowstone makes it fun for young people to find and identify the park’s most frequently seen plants, animals, geothermal features, and more, whether they are driving park roads, resting at pull-offs, or hiking. The book is packed with color photos, lively descriptions, fun “guess what” factoids, and precise “where-to-see-it” directions. 

$10.95 Paperback, 40 pgs.

When the Meadowlark Sings

When the Meadowlark Sings

By Nedra Sterry
Born in 1918 in Fort Benton, Nedra Sterry has crafted a powerful memoir of life on the Montana prairies and a childhood defined in equal measure by poverty & grace, hard work & family ties.

$14.95 paperback, 224 pages


Warrior in the Ring
The life of Marvin Camel, Native American world champion boxer

By Brian D'Ambrosio
Complex and wildly charismatic, Camel combined tremendous physical talent with staggering self-discipline, twice winning world titles in the cruiserweight division. A mixed blood from the Flathead Indian Reservation, he defied all obstacles of race, poverty, and geographical isolation to become the first Native American to win a world boxing title.

$15.95 Paperback, 248 pgs.

Women in Wonderland

Women in Wonderland

By Elizabeth A. Watry
Tales of a dozen women, some of whom had short-lived adventures in Yellowstone National Park, but most of whom spent decades as rangers, scientists, interpreters, and entrepreneurs, shaping the Park’s physical and cultural landscape.

$19.95 Paperback, 252 pgs.


Yellowstone Has Teeth

Yellowstone Has Teeth

A memoir of living year-round in the world's first natinoal park
by Marjane Ambler
Few people have experienced Yellowstone National Park like Marjane Ambler. She and her husband lived in a tiny community near the shores of Yellowstone Lake, deep in the park’s interior. The natural beauty was magnificent, but Ambler and her neighbors discovered that Yellowstone “had teeth.” It could be an unforgiving place where mistakes mattered. 

$16.95 Paperback, 224 pgs.






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