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When you choose EZ Pay, you authorize the Herald Times Reporter to automatically charge the credit card or bank account you indicate on the 28th of every month, unless the 28th falls on a weekend or holiday, and then the deduction is taken on the next business day. Any outstanding balances will be processed with the first EZ Pay charge. Your first EZ Pay charge will be prorated based on the start date. Gannett Wisconsin Media will be referenced on your credit card or bank statement for any payments made toward your subscription.

Subscriptions that include the print edition home delivery are valid only in areas where delivery is available. As a subscriber you will have full access to our content through, tablet and mobile sites, smartphone applications, the e-Newspaper, and home delivery of the print edition on the days you have selected. The Thanksgiving Day edition is delivered with your subscription and will be charged the regular Sunday newsstand price, which is reflected in the November payment. Applicable taxes may not be included in the rate. Also, premium print issues are delivered on New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Indepence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas with all subscriptions that include print edition home delivery. If we fail to home deliver a print edition, we will credit your account the then regular credit attributed to providing home delivery of the print edition. If at any time you decide to cancel your subscription, you may contact customer service at 1.877.424.5044 and the full amount of any balance over $2.00 will be returned.

Gift cards are mailed two to four weeks upon accepting this offer. VISA is not a participating sponsor or partner in or of this offer.

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